Illuminate Your Creativity With Our Lights
Toppower LED Light TP300D

Illuminate Your Creativity With Our Lights

Designed for stunning photography, filmmaking, video production & streaming, at unbeatable prices.

TM-30 Tested
Rf 94
Ultra High Fidelity
TM-30 Tested
Rg 102
Ultra High Fidelity
Up to
105 Lux
Per Watt
Lower Than
50 dB
Super Quiet
iOS & Android
Swappable LED
Dual Color
RGB in the future
110~220V AC
16-48V DC

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Ultra High FidelityTM-30 Tested LightTM-30 is a better and modern approach to
demonstrate the quality of light comparing to CRI
Rf-Rg diagram and Color Vector Graphic
PortableLight Up with BatteriesEnjoy the portability with the usage of batteries
TP300 with 970 And V-Mount Battery
VersatileDedicated AppExperience a powerful and intuitive
light control with our App, TP-Connect
TP-Connect APP
Versatile Use ScenariosDesigned for various work scenarios,
Studio photography, Cinema Filming, Video Streaming, Outdoor
TP Light Use Cases
One Year WarrantyWorldwide ShippingFrom Guangzhou China
Guangzhou Toppower Eletronic Co., Ltd.Manufacturer of ProfessionalLighting Equipment since 2019
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Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,Chinese Academy of SciencesShanghai Astronomical Observatory,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
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